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Virtual platform – CPDmatch

CPDmatch is a website and app for advertising on-site and virtual healthcare courses, conferences, study days and webinars. Healthcare education requires this ‘trivago style platform’ as despite Continuing Professional Development (CPD) being mandatory, 70% of healthcare staff miss critical opportunities, 30% ‘panic book’ prior to appraisal and 90% wish to undertake more education closer to home for reasons of work, family or environment. CPDmatch has been designed to become a hub to link thousands of education providers to millions of professionals worldwide and, to ensure the site is fully inclusive, there is no charge for staff to register and use.

CPDmatch was conceived in November 2017 when it became clear that healthcare professionals were travelling vast distances for education, often bypassing local events simply because they were not aware of their existence. The result was unnecessary travel and hotel stays which when multiplied across the whole healthcare sector, resulted in a significant environmental cost. CPDmatch is free to use for all healthcare-associated organisations to advertise education including Royal Colleges, Associations, Specialist Societies, Universities, Deaneries, Employers of NHS Staff, Charities and any organisation primarily focussed on sustainability, planetary or oceanic health.

Development would not have been possible without several northeast organisations: The Regional Tech Centre, Scale Up Northeast, The Academic Health Science Network, Sunderland Software City and most importantly, Health Education England (Northeast and North Cumbria). The site was developed independently of any specific organisation to ensure the ethos of accessibility, equality and sustainability were retained at its core. The collaboration between CPDmatch and Northeast organisations has however been instrumental in progressing the work with further support now received by NHS England following successful appointment to their Clinical Entrepreneurs Programme.

CPDmatch supports the advertising of all healthcare education whether provided by an individual or large organisation, signposting potential attendees to a provider website for more information and booking. And as continents and time zones are no longer a barrier for virtual attendees, we intend to become the global hub for all staff, including those working in low-resourced countries, to find relevant and affordable education. When on-site training is unavoidable (e.g., life support courses), CPDmatch geographically matches healthcare professionals to local events to reduce unnecessary travel.

CPDmatch is a world-first for healthcare education and although originating from the North East of England, our plans include global on-site matching which will further decrease travel undertaken for CPD. It is now being used regionally by healthcare organisations and nationally by some Royal Colleges, Societies and Universities as well as many small providers of events and resources.

We encourage our partners and supporters to share their examples of good practice in tackling the climate emergency, reversing ecological collapse and delivering a just transition. NEECCo does not undertake to quality assure these case studies, and inclusion of a case study on this website does not imply endorsement of the project by NEECCo or by its partners.

Some case studies will feature organisations who are involved in fossil fuel industries, or who are open to challenge on other aspects of their performance in relation to our objectives. NEECCo recognises that if we are to reach our ambitious objectives, all organisations and individuals within the north east will need to adapt their behaviour and actions. We want our case studies to encourage this process. Our commitment to achieving a just transition from a carbon-based economy to a green economy requires us to encourage positive steps wherever they are to be found. 

We are interested in your views on the case studies so please choose to like/ dislike each case study.