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A New Theory of the Earth

A café climatique event

Thomas Nail in conversation with Dorion Sagan

Climate change and other ecological disruptions challenge us to reconsider the deep history of minerals, atmosphere, plants, and animals and to take a more process-oriented perspective that sees humanity as part of the larger cosmic and terrestrial drama of mobility and flow. This conversation between philosopher Thomas Nail and ecological theorist Dorion Sagan will urge us to rethink our ethical relationship to one another, the planet, and the cosmos at large.  

Thomas Nail is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Denver. His current work focuses on the influence of mobility in the 21st century and the philosophy of movement broadly. His research has had significant international influence and has been translated into eleven languages, read in more than 200 countries, and cited across more than 20 academic disciplines. His new book Theory of the Earth is published in April by Stanford University Pressphilosophyofmovementblog.com / twitter.com/xThomas_Nail

Dorion Sagan is a celebrated writer, ecological philosopher, and author or co-author of twenty-five books, which have been translated into fifteen languages. As an ecological theorist he has been at the forefront of bringing our growing understanding of symbiosis as a major force in evolution into the intellectual mainstream, both within science and the humanities, and rethinking the human body as a “multispecies organism”. dorionsagan.wordpress.com


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