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NEECCo Statement May 2023

With the emergence and launch of the two sub-regional Local/ Combined Authority led initiatives Net Zero North East England and Net Zero Tees Valley, the North East England Climate Coalition(NEECCo) has revised its purpose and focus for the next twelve months.

IPCC Synthesis Report: Act now or it’s too late

Earlier this week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) delivered the final part of their sixth assessment report warning that only immediate, drastic action can avert irrevocable damage to the world.

Woman looking excitedly at a carton of takeaway food alongside the slogan Win, Don't Bin

Food Waste Action Week 2023

This week is WRAP’s Food Waste Action Week, NEECCo’s Waste and Resources Planning Group is focussing on food waste in the North East and the role this will play in us becoming England’s Greenest Region.

Why is sustainability important for the VCSE sector?

In this blog, Jo Holmes, Managing Director of Genee explains how Investors in the Environment is a perfect scheme for the VCSE sector to better understand their environmental impacts and approach to sustainability and how she is delivering the scheme Going Green Together.

Have your say on the future North of Tyne economy

Energy Democracy Project is undertaking research in collaboration with the North of Tyne Combined Authority to produce a ‘Just Transition’ report of recommendations for the NTCA which will be published in June 2023.

Just Transition Workshops for Workers in the Agricultural and Construction Sectors

The Energy Democracy Project and the North of Tyne Combined Authority are running a series of online, paid workshops for workers in two key sectors in the region – agriculture and construction – to share their experiences and discuss what a fair and inclusive transition to a low-carbon economy means to them.

Set of scales with CO2 cloud at one end and a green windmill at the other

NEECCo launches counting carbon project

On a mission to help the North East become England’s Greenest Region, the North East England Climate Coalition (NEECCo) has today launched a pilot project to count the carbon stocks and flows across the region in a bid to better understand and tackle climate change.

Set of scales with CO2 cloud at one end and a green windmill at the other

Counting Carbon in North East England

As part of NEECCo’s mission to make the North East England’s Greenest Region, our Land Use Planning Group have been looking at ways we can effectively count carbon across the region, searching for the evidence required to tackle the climate crisis.

North East Just Transitions Workshop

What does the term ‘just transition’ mean for the North East? Join a workshop to help define what a just transition looks like within public, private and third sector organisations and how we can work together to achieve a Net Zero just transition.

Image of compost bin with food waste tipped onto the grass

North East VCSE Sector has an Important Role to Play in Addressing Food Waste

North East organisations came together this week to establish the impact of food waste on the environment, and how voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations in the region can be part of the solutions.