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At genee we are working to green the economy

As environmental sustainability specialists we work with clients from all sectors to help them reduce their environmental impacts, calculate and report on carbon emissions or deliver net zero plans. 

Knowing your carbon footprint is only part of the story. Understanding the activities that contribute to wider environmental impacts and then developing the right plans to reduce them is the important stuff.

Our services help business, NGO and public sector clients of all sizes recognise that environmental sustainability is not just a ‘green issue’ but an important operational and strategic one.

Working with us is a great way to analyse operations, be greener, make savings and engage staff to deliver your environmental sustainability ambitions.

We use the Investors in the Environment system (an Environmental Management System) to guide our clients through the process of understanding where and how their operations:

  • impact the environment
  • the resources they use
  • calculate their carbon footprint
  • develop the rights strategies and plans to reduce their impact

We have the North East England Nature Partnership to thank for their inspired climate change action to create genee or Capability North East as we were known then. They realised the need for an organisation that could interpret and simplify participation in the climate and biodiversity agendas and created us. 

Implementing Environmental Sustainability practices is the best way to action on the climate emergency and ecological crisis and is relevant to all businesses and organisations. The variety of our clients and businesses and organisations that are Investors in the Environment members – councils, hospital trusts, charities, dentists, retail, shopping centres, veterinary services, solicitors, accountants, manufacturing, finance and more.

As a social enterprise we use post operational profits to fund environmental and social impact so contact us for more information about how to begin your green journey and star greening the economy of North East England today!