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Infrared Heating Rescue System

To help people who cannot afford to heat their homes this winter, Infrared Replacing Gas have set up a heating rescue scheme.

Most people apparently live in two rooms, more so if they cannot afford to heat their homes.

With that in mind, we are offering one or two infrared panels at cost price to anyone who cannot afford to heat with gas. With those panels they will be able to use one or two rooms without getting hypothermia. They will be sufficiently warm and not need medical treatment from the effects of living in a cold room.

Additionally, if any organisation, in particular Housing Associations, wishes to buy a job lot on behalf of their tenants who cannot afford to heat their homes, we can come to a special arrangement with you. The arrangement will help your tenants to avoid the danger of being cold and damp. Infrared does not permit damp and mould!

Only one panel is required in any room up to 24 square metres. We will calculate which size panel is required, on request. They are plugin so no extra wiring or an electrician is required. Alternatively, they can be wired back to the consumer unit.

We will also provide a running cost so it is clear how much our infrared heating will cost to use against the cost of gas.

Infrared heating is radiant heat which means there is only a five-minute warm up period. There is no waste of heat through walls, windows and doors, as there is with gas heating.

Consequently, infrared heating is far cheaper to use and hugely more convenient.

Get in touch and we will do all we can to help! www.infraredreplacinggas.com