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Where Next? IPPR's Fair Transition Report

IPPR launch Fair Transition Unit

We are pleased to announce the launch of IPPR’s new Fair Transition Unit (FTU). The unit has launched with its first publication, Where next? Uncertainty in transports path to net zero.

IPPR’s ambitious FTU seeks to accelerate progress in reducing emissions and restoring nature, whilst also securing a fairer, more just, and thriving society. Alongside research reports, the FTU will publish blogs on public opinion, communication, and framing on climate change and nature, the first titled: ‘As some politicians seek to divide on climate change, the public remain united’.

Although there is much uncertainty over the future of the transport sector, its path to net zero could be better managed with more proactive government policy and investment. Our report findings reveal that without a guiding strategy we risk further exacerbating injustices in the current transport system. The Department for Transport approach will benefit only the wealthiest in society, and so, rather than replicating our current system, we argue that policymakers should instead use the transition to ensure the benefits of the transport transition are fairly distributed.