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Just Transition Workshops for Workers in the Agricultural and Construction Sectors

The Energy Democracy Project and the North of Tyne Combined Authority are running a series of online, paid workshops for workers in two key sectors in the region – agriculture and construction – to share their experiences and discuss what a fair and inclusive transition to a low-carbon economy means to them.

The workshops will be participant-led, with small group discussions following the ‘world café’ model. This involves informal conversations where participants examine an issue or question in small groups with the help of a discussion host. The workshops will be based on four key themes: sustainability, skills and knowledge, the nature of work in the sector and government support.

Please register your interest in taking part in a workshop below: 

For the Future of Farming in the North East Workshop, please sign-up here.

For the Future of Construction in the North East Workshop, please sign-up here.

The workshops are open to anyone: interested in working in these sectors, currently employed in these sectors, and people studying a relevant course in these industries.

The workshops will take place in late February and early March 2023. Participants will be paid £30 for their attendance.

They are an opportunity for people involved within these sectors to have their voices heard by a wider audience and directly shape the recommendations of regional just transition policy. For further information about the project and the workshops, please contact the team at: helen.coulson@northoftyne-ca.gov.uk and ben@energydemocracyproject.com