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North East Just Transitions Workshop

What does the term ‘just transition’ mean for the North East? In theory a ‘just transition’ entails equal access to a clean, safe, green environment, low-carbon energy, and ‘green jobs’, while reducing existing inequalities and injustices stemming from the climate crisis, and related problems such as energy poverty. This workshop is about working with organisations in the public, private, and third sectors to define what a just transition is within the North East context, and understand how participants can work together to build capacities towards achieving just transitions.

As the North East is uniquely placed to ‘become England’s greenest region’ it is also possible for it to lead in developing and implementing policies, plans, and collective organisational actions for realising it. Just transitions in practice may not be the same for everyone everywhere. The proposed workshop with NEECCo members would consist of (a) comparing & contrasting different ideas about what a just transition is and has to offer; and (b) exploring how just transitions can be achieved through practical and trackable actions.

The workshop(s) will take place Nov-Dec or early 2023 pending on availability from prospective participating organisations. If you are interested in participating in this research on just transitions for the North East please contact Brett Cherry b.cherry2@newcastle.ac.uk by 31st January 2023.