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A guide to sustainable technology

Sustainable Technology

As we all move towards a Net Zero future, consumers want to make purchases with sustainability in mind and businesses need to show sustainable initiatives.

The technology sector is experiencing a green revolution and quickly becoming a leading industry in the shift to a sustainable future. Technology plays such an integral role in our daily lives, as individuals and in business – it’s important we understand what sustainably technology looks like and how we can use it in a greener future.

“Sustainable Technology: Understanding the Latest Innovations and Initiatives From Green Tech Giants” is an in-depth guide that looks at what sustainable technology is, why it’s important and what the future looks like for tech giants like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft.

It covers green tech in-depth, including:

  • What sustainable technology is and its trio of core principles: prevention, substitution, and efficiency
  • The moves tech giants are making to be more sustainable
  • How businesses can be more sustainable, and the schemes available to support them

You can read the full, in depth guide here: