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The Greggs Pledge

Greggs has today (24th February) launched the Greggs Pledge, our first sustainability report setting out ten commitments that we are going to do to help make the world a better place by 2025 – and beyond.

Greggs is a business that is dedicated to supporting others. It has a proud history of giving back and has always tried to do the right thing by its people, customers, suppliers and the communities it serves.  Nonetheless, we are challenging ourselves to do more, to move faster, and to be bolder in our ambitions to do good.

We’ve chosen to concentrate our efforts on three areas where we think we can make a meaningful difference:

  1. Building stronger, healthier communities
  2. Making our planet safer
  3. Being a better business

Details of our ten commitments, which are focused on these three areas that are aligned with the ambitions of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, are set out in the full Greggs Pledge attached, and also available on Greggs’ corporate website: https://corporate.greggs.co.uk/the-greggs-pledge

Please have a look at The Greggs Pledge on our website.