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NWG Innovation Festival 2021

Innovation Festival 21 registration is NOW OPEN!

That’s right…the hottest innovation ticket in town is now up for grabs, meaning you can now secure your place at the festival – which is taking place between 18 – 21 October.

The North East based festival is aimed at solving environmental and societal challenges and sees thousands of the world’s most innovative and brilliant minds ‘Get-Together’ to do it.

The ‘Brilliant Get-Together’ is taking place between 18 – 21 October and is set to be the perfect blend of traditional festival fun mixed with a digital twist.

Innovators from across the globe will be joining forces with us on virtual sprints, hacks and dashes aimed at solving real world issues and big societal problems. These include Carbon Champions, sprints aimed at accelerating the journey to net zero and Enviro Warriors, seeking solutions to protect and enhance our environment including ‘Collaboration for a sustainable nation’ and ‘SOS: Save our Seas’.

This year a new hybrid format will see a mix of both physical and virtual events including celebrity lightning talks, networking events, live tech demos, music, comedy and much more!

Why not have a peruse at our mammoth selection of sprints, hacks and dashes, and decide what you’d like to take part in!

Find out all about it and sign up HERE.



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