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World Environment Day

The greatest threat to our planet

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – an event for World Environment Day “Only One Planet”.

Timber! Innovating and growing a sustainable low-carbon economy


Listen to Paul Brannen’s inaugural lecture on timber, and how it’s use in the built environment can tackle carbon emissions in our goal to net zero.

Decarbonising Community Led Buildings

D3 Associates Decarbonising Community led buildings

d3associates tell us how they are helping to decarbonise community led buildings to improved energy efficiency and work towards net zero.

Ouseburn Climate Challenge Project

Ouseburn Climate Challenge Project

Learn more about Groundwork’s Ouseburn Climate Challenge Project which is working to improve water quality and engage with local communities.

World Wildlife Day 2022

World Wildlife Day

3rd March 2022 is World Wildlife Day with a theme of ‘Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration’ and there are plenty of ways for your to take part and raise awareness in the North East of England.

Demystifying Net Zero for small businesses

What is net zero

Climate Action North content director, Jennifer Clair Robson demystifies ‘net zero’ what it means, and how you business can achieve it.

North East Community Forest officially launches

North East Community Forest

The North East Community Forest officially launched today with a ceremonial tree planting in Newcastle city centre.

Sunderland security company keeps watchful eye on nature

Sunderland Enterprise Park Pollinator Park

Sunderland Enterprise Park is the latest to create a Pollinator Park with Climate Action North to reverse ecological collapse and tackle the climate crisis.

Climate Action North appoints three associate consultants broadening expertise and impact

Climate Action North gains three associates

Community Interest Company, Climate Action North prepares for intensified climate action work across the North East of England as they appoint three associate consultants to join the team.

Climate Action North support North East Chamber of Commerce businesses on net zero journey

Climate Action North and Chamber of Commerce Logos

Climate Action North joins the Chamber in a bid to support North East companies on their net zero journey.