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Targeting Net Zero Framework and Leading with a Sustainable Purpose

Reports from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership Targeting Net Zero – Framework Leading with a Sustainable Purpose: Leaders’ insights for the development, alignment and integration of a sustainable corporate purpose

If universities want to hit climate targets, they should use their land for carbon offsetting

Newcastle University could offset 50% of their greenhouse gas emissions using their own farm land in the North East.

Net Zero Carbon – What is it and how to do it for your business

Net Zero Carbon Emissions is probably the key phrase on everyone’s minds post COP 26. What does this mean practically for businesses and how do you go about achieving it alongside all your other business priorities?

NWG Innovation Festival 2021

Innovation Festival 21 registration is NOW OPEN! That’s right…the hottest innovation ticket in town is now up for grabs, meaning you can now secure your place at the festival – which is taking place between 18 – 21 October…. Read More

Climate Action Navigator

Ready or Not the Race to Net Zero

Oliver Wyman Forum has released a Climate Action Navigator tool identifying 17 impactful actions businesses can take to accelerate the shift from intent to action in the race to Net Zero.

Are you a ‘Hero of Net Zero’?

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have today launched the ‘Heroes of Net Zero’ competition, as part of the Together for our Planet Business Climate Leaders campaign.