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Climate Justice Walk for Climate Change

Henna Asikainen is a Finnish artist, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Her artwork explores questions surrounding our relationship with nature. Most of her work also combines ecological and social issues and is made with participation of different members of the community, particularly those who have a lived experience of migration and displacement.

Henna’s recent work, between two shores was launched as part of Refugee Week: We cannot walk alone 2021 and examines the intertwined issues of climate change as a driver of migration and it’s impact on landscape, migration and human rights.

You can read more about Henna’s project in our case study here.

Last month, as part of the between two shores project, a performative climate justice walk took place along the tidal Pilgrim’s Way to Lindisfarne.

Photo credit – Simon Rudolphi

At the centre of this performative walk were the people with a lived experience of displacement and of seeking sanctuary. Together we walked as climate activists, refugees, asylum seekers, scientists, photographers, and writers along the tidal path to Holy Island to express our solidarity with all those seeking refuge and to draw attention to Climate Injustice and the impact of climate change taking place on our doorstep. 

An article abut the walk by journalist David Whetstone was published here: https://www.culturednortheast.co.uk/2021/10/31/holy-island-a-climate-change-case-study/

The walk was documented with photography, video and in writing.

Photo credit – Simon Rudolphi

Examples of this including a beautiful illustrated article by Dave Pritchard (independent advisor) can be found on Henna’s website.