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Image showing school children and the text Schools pack

COP26 Resources for school

The Together for our Planet campaign and WWF are working together to deliver two climate change packs to schools across the UK ahead of COP26.

The Together for our Planet Schools Pack will enable schools to become part of the UK’s growing green momentum ahead of COP26. The pack includes a Green Assembly guide, along with other ideas and external resources created by experts to help schools engage their students in climate action and wider climate change conversations. There will also be a strong focus on the UK’s student Climate Leaders, the remarkable young people who are going about their lives in quietly revolutionary ways. Whether it’s by recycling, walking to school, or eating seasonal foods, these Climate Leaders are protecting the planet and encouraging others to play their part. This pack will help schools grow and celebrate their own student Climate Leaders, and will share inspiring case studies of schools and young people across the UK who are doing something inspiring to tackle climate change.

Our Climate Our Future, created by WWF and partners, will focus on COP26 and raise awareness and applied understanding of the Summit and climate change amongst young people across the UK. This pack will also include resources for schools to hold mini climate summits, and workshops to identify and plan individual and school actions. The former will include a fun interactive role-play-based lesson that introduces COP26 and will result in a ‘vision of the future’ created by the students. The latter will result in a ‘School Promise To The Planet’ for each school, setting out plans for the school to contribute positively to the transition to net zero.