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Energy Crisis Resources

How can individuals and organisations reduce their energy consumption to tackle the energy crisis and work towards a net zero future?

Even after the price cap recently announced by the Government, energy prices this winter will be almost double what they were last winter. Across the region, people are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills without feeling the cold.

Taking steps to reduce your energy use brings three immediate benefits:

  • You can reduce your energy bills for this and all future years
  • You can reduce your carbon emissions, helping to combat climate change
  • You can help reduce the amount of oil and gas our country imports from Russia

Everyone can find some ways in which you can cut your energy use, and these resources will help you.

Every organisation can reduce their energy too, and can share information with their staff and customers to help them do the same.

Collectively, across our region, we can accelerate our move to creating more renewable energy and becoming self-sufficient in energy.

NEECCo have put together a resource pack with information on the energy crisis, the climate emergency and how you can reduce your energy bills this winter. Looking towards a net zero future, we’ve also provided advice and resources and retrofitting your homes/organisations and greener energy solutions for more long-term solutions to the energy crisis.

You can download the resource here.

Additional Resources

FareShare is the UK’s national network of charitable food redistributors, made up of 18 independent organisations. Together, they take good quality surplus food from across the food industry and redistribute it to nearly 9,500 charities and community groups, creating almost one million meals for vulnerable people.

They’ve put together resources for both individuals and organisations to help with the cost of living crisis, which you can download here.

Fareshare Cost of Living Crisis Support for Organisations

Fareshare Cost of Living Crisis Support for Individuals

Government Funding

£4 billion of government funding is now available for vulnerable households. Information has been made available by Consumer Rights in this press release.

Rising Energy Prices and Village Halls

Village halls will be facing closure this winter unless support can be found to help them cope with rising
energy prices.

This briefing draws on interim data from a survey completed by nearly 700 village halls buildings, along
with anecdotal feedback from ACRE Network members to describe how the energy crisis is being felt by
these important rural community buildings, and the challenges that will need to be overcome to make
sure they continue to provide warm, welcoming spaces for local residents and businesses this winter.