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Environmental Regulation and Principles for Greenhouse Gas Removal Projects

Greenhouse Gas Removal innovation projects – Signposting to environmental considerations and regulations

The Environment Agency protects our air, land and water and enables a net zero nation that’s resilient to climate change. We work with government, policy makers and developers to manage environmental risks at the earliest opportunity and help industries prepare for necessary regulation. We also aim to build public trust in our regulation of the key environmental risks.

If you are developing or implementing a greenhouse gas removal (GGR) project, we strongly encourage you to consider, as early as possible, the potential associated environmental impacts of your project. This consideration is needed at every stage of technology development to ensure that the risks to the environment and human health are adequately understood. The project should seek to design out and minimise environmental risks and maximise wider environmental co-benefits.

For further guidance on principles and regulation, download the Greenhouse Gas Removal Innovation projects document.

For additional advice and resources, visit the Environment Agency website.