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Let’s Go Zero Schools Campaign

We’re proud to support the Let’s Go Zero campaign, uniting UK schools working together to be carbon zero by 2030.

Led by a powerful coalition of sustainability organizations, the campaign supports schools to set zero carbon targets, develop roadmaps for delivery, share their learnings with staff, students and families, and work together with local councils and government to make it happen.

By joining the Let’s Go Zero campaign and declaring their aim to become zero carbon, schools are taking a positive step on a local level to help combat the climate issues we all face globally. It sends a strong message to their whole school and community that together we can safeguard our planet for future generations. Plus, school climate action brings instant benefits – such as lower energy bills and healthier school food.

We know that schools can be trailblazers for sustainability. At the very centre of our communities, they can respond to young people’s calls for action and encourage local families and businesses to join them in taking on the climate crisis. From car-free school runs and plant-based canteens, schools across the UK are already inspiring entire communities to think and act differently. Let’s Go Zero helps amplify these achievements, inspiring others with examples of how we can do things differently in our daily lives and sparking a whole society response to the climate crisis.

Find out more about the Let’s Go Zero campaign here and encourage your local school to sign up: https://letsgozero.org/