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Timber! Innovating and growing a sustainable low-carbon economy

“There’s no bigger opportunity than climate change.”

This year, Newcastle University Business School were delighted to announce that their David Goldman Visiting Professor of Innovation and Enterprise for 2022 is Paul Brannen, Director of Public Affairs for the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries and the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry.

To celebrate the appointment, Newcastle University held an event on Monday 25 April 2022. Here, Paul delivered his inaugural lecture: Timber! Innovating and growing a sustainable low-carbon economy.

40% of global climate emissions come from built environment. 8% of the global carbon emissions are the result of the manufacture and use of concrete, which is created by burning fossil fuels. We must reduce the use of concrete in the built environment. Could building in the near future be different?

The simple answer is yes, and the answer is building with timber. In his inaugural lecture, Paul considers how carbon can be captured and stored in the trees we turn to timber and used in our built environment, to tackle global carbon emissions and the climate crisis.

You can watch Paul’s full lecture here:

Paul Brannen’s inaugural lecture, ‘Timber! Innovating and growing a sustainable low carbon economy’.