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Climate Change Innovation Accelerator – Innovation SuperNetwork

The Innovation SuperNetwork, whose work focuses on creating opportunity for collaboration through open innovation and access to finance, has launched a business accelerator in response to the potential impact of Coronavirus on the Climate Emergency.

While the public response to the Coronavirus crisis has over the last few months led to a drop in harmful emissions, there is a risk of an overall increase in carbon emissions, which would negatively impact the region’s efforts in tackling the climate emergency.

For instance, as those who can’t work from home return to the workplace, a reluctance to use public transport or car share could see an increase in commuter traffic on the road. More home deliveries could also see more traffic contributing harmful emissions and congestion in residential areas. Likewise, a resultant economic downturn could leave businesses and individuals in a financial bind where they’re less able to invest in energy saving measures and equipment.

The SuperNetwork has launched a Climate Change Innovation Accelerator to encourage an innovative response to these potential issues. It seeks to bring solutions to market that will support the region’s commitment to tackling the long-lasting damage of climate change to people, communities and the economy against the backdrop of COVID-19.

The accelerator is now working with 15 North East businesses on launching of new products and services in response to these issues. They are focussing on sustainable safe public transport, electric vehicles, home deliveries and sustainable home working. Each business is receiving one-to-one support, including help developing product and business plans, raising finance, marketing, financial management and legal advice.

Case study courtesy of North East Chamber of Commerce Climate Change document: https://www.neechamber.co.uk/uploads/files/d6wpiWCJSWWMayt3.pdf

We encourage our partners and supporters to share their examples of good practice in tackling the climate emergency, reversing ecological collapse and delivering a just transition. NEECCo does not undertake to quality assure these case studies, and inclusion of a case study on this website does not imply endorsement of the project by NEECCo or by its partners.

Some case studies will feature organisations who are involved in fossil fuel industries, or who are open to challenge on other aspects of their performance in relation to our objectives. NEECCo recognises that if we are to reach our ambitious objectives, all organisations and individuals within the north east will need to adapt their behaviour and actions. We want our case studies to encourage this process. Our commitment to achieving a just transition from a carbon-based economy to a green economy requires us to encourage positive steps wherever they are to be found. 

We are interested in your views on the case studies so please choose to like/ dislike each case study.