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COP26 Outcomes

As week two of COP26 begins, here are the outcomes from week one and how you can catch up with the live sessions.

COP26 News

COP26 Day 6 – Nature and Land Use

Day 6 of COP26 focusses on nature and land use. NEECCo takes a look at the projects already underway in the North East and what local businesses are doing to encourage biodiversity.

COP26 News

COP26 Day 5 – Youth and Public Empowerment

As we near the end of the first week at COP26, global leaders will today turn their attention to youth and public empowerment.

COP26 News

COP26 Day 4 – Energy

On day four of COP26, NEECCo looks at what is happening at the Climate Conference in Glasgow and the projects already happening in the North East around renewable energy and a net zero future.

COP26 News

COP26 Day 3 – Finance

Get the latest news on COP26, what’s happening in the North East and how NEECCo is working to address the climate emergency and deliver a just transition.

How the climate crisis affects us all – Seat at the Table

Join Jack Harries as he journeys to the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Along the way, he’ll be speaking with those who don’t have a seat at the political table – those who’ve done the least… Read More

Presidency Programme COP26

COP26 Presidency Programme

See the full programme of events for the Presidency Programme at COP26 in Glasgow.

COP26 Regional Roadshows

Find out more about the COP26 Regional Roadshows and register to attend local events during COP26.